welcome.pngThrough accident or design, you've arrived at the website for Huckleberry Farm Studios. We are Deborah DeWit, artist, and Carl Vandervoort, filmmaker.

Please wander through the results of our 35 year love of image making, past and recent paintings, pastels, photographs, books and films. Here you will also be able to read about the ongoing restoration of Huckleberry Farm, the gone wild land and rustic but stately house we  purchased in 2009. A project of creation and love, it is a central part of both our lives and our careers, and continues to inspire images and stories.  I hope you enjoy visiting our world. Please contact me with questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.


Vision is the act of seeing the invisible.
Jonathan Swift

Exhibitions & Events

The old year ended and the new year began very quietly here on the Oregon Coast.  A few drenching rains, a couple of days of gale force winds, and a short succession of frosty mornings. Nothing out of the ordinary.  Cold starlit nights are wondrous and long with little light interference from neighboring towns.  Only a full moon diminishes the strength of the Milky Way as it paints the sky with its shimmery stroke.  

I'm spending a lot of time in the studio these days beginning a body of work that continues the series of paintings I did for my May show at Whitebird Gallery in Cannon Beach last year.  The imagery is based on my thoughts about the daily life here in this old house and on this land.  I'm titling the show "Hours of the Day".  It will open at Whitebird the first weekend in May once again during the Cannon Beach Spring Unveiling Art Festival.  More details will be posted here as I have them.

Please check out the Notecards page on this website to see the new cards we've published as well as cards previously published by William, James & Co.  All cards can be purchased directly through this site by clicking on the Square Marketplace link you'll find on that page.

Happy Winter Days to you all!

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Huckleberry Farm

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In August of 2009 Carl and I visited the small beach town of Manzanita on the North Coast of Oregon where Carl had shared a holiday home for many years. On a whim, we took a slightly different route, heading further south from there to a place where Carl bought flowers at a roadside stand many times in the years before.