welcome.pngThrough accident or design, you've arrived at the website for Huckleberry Farm Studios. We are Deborah DeWit, artist, and Carl Vandervoort, filmmaker.

Please wander through the results of our 35 year love of image making, past and recent paintings, pastels, photographs, books and films. Here you will also be able to read about the ongoing restoration of Huckleberry Farm, the gone wild land and rustic but stately house we  purchased in 2009. A project of creation and love, it is a central part of both our lives and our careers, and continues to inspire images and stories.  I hope you enjoy visiting our world. Please contact me with questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.


To respect a cat is the beginning of the aesthetic sense.
Erasmus Darwin

Exhibitions & Events

Spring came early this year after a very mild and relatively dry winter.  As I look out my studio window the  world is very green.  That juicy yellow-green of spring.  Peas are well up in the garden and starts of squash and herbs and flowers are sprouting on the sun porch.  It promises to be a wonderful year for growing things here on the Oregon Coast.  

I've spent most of my time the last four months working on paintings for my upcoming show entitled "The Hours of the Day".  These paintings tell stories about place and time, a moment here, a moment there, that together describe some of my experience of living on the Oregon Coast. It is a life of contrast: one of intense domestication rooted in the elements of nature.  Lights of every kind, in counterpoise-- the sun, the moon, burning lamps, the sky, reflections, shadows, dim, bright, inside and outside-- seem to tell me where I am and what it is time to do. 

The Hours of the Day:
New Oil Paintings by Deborah DeWit 

May 2 through June 22, 2015

White Bird Gallery
251 N. Hemlock Street
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110


Happy Spring!

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Huckleberry Farm

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In August of 2009 Carl and I visited the small beach town of Manzanita on the North Coast of Oregon where Carl had shared a holiday home for many years. On a whim, we took a slightly different route, heading further south from there to a place where Carl bought flowers at a roadside stand many times in the years before.