Painting Cats


This book is not only a collection of over 40 pastels and paintings of Deborah's cats, but also tells the story of Cabbit, the diminutive feral cat that came into her life and decided to stay.  While "taming" Cabbit, Deborah contemplates the wildness in this domestic animal and the desire in all of us to have both freedom and security.  With an introduction by author and cat lover Marge Piercy, it offers many views of these beloved creatures. 

Published in both soft and hardcover it can be found at  or if you would like a personalized signed copy please contact Deborah directly.

There is also a special Collector's Edition, numbered and signed by both Deborah and Marge Piercy, bound in a protective slipcover, and includes a small signed and numbered print of "Indecision"  (see below).  For more information please contact William, James & Co.